The Balance Arts Center in New York City is now offering internships. The BAC is a vibrant center focused on the teaching and application of the Alexander Technique. Our goal is to provide a balanced experience for college-aged students in:

  • Alexander Technique as it applies to their field of interest

  • Arts Management and Programming

  • Administration

  • Facilities Management

The Alexander Technique is applicable to everyone and makes particular sense to artists who understand first hand how their own functioning and use of themselves impacts the outcome of their art. Dancers, singers, musicians, actors, photographers, painters, and so on have all benefited greatly from the Alexander Technique.

Arts Management and Programming are a part of the BAC fabric, as we produce programs as well as host events. The performance space also offers experience in production, front of house, and logistical elements of programming. Interns are often included in planning and administrative meetings.

Administration duties including aspects of room bookings, marketing, interactions with the public, etc. providing an opportunity to improve teamwork and communication skills.

Facilities Management includes organizing and managing materials in the space as well as making sure the facility continues to function properly.

If interested, interns may participate in the AT Teacher Training Course in combination with admin work, giving students a balance of practical knowledge and self development. Interns are invited into the daily 3-hour Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program as practice students when the course is in session, and serve as practice students for third year trainees as they give private lessons. As their own professional skills develop through the study of the Alexander Technique in a supportive learning environment, they also participate in the inner workings of the Balance Arts Center and experience how such a center functions.

Our newly expanded facility allows interns to receive private attention as well as become part of a community surrounded by Alexander students and teachers who are working professionally in a variety of industries including the performing arts.

To apply for an internship, please email a resume and brief cover letter stating your interest, previous work/education, and contact information to

Students are welcome to apply for internships of one month or longer in length. Select applicants will be interviewed over the phone or in person. At this time internships are unpaid.