How to Study

Generally the Alexander Technique is studied in one-on-one private lessons. It can also be learned in a group setting. Some people find that a combination of private and group settings to be very effective. The Balance Arts Center offers both private and group study.

Private Lessons

In the private lesson your balance and postural habits are addressed directly. You are guided through hands-on and verbal instruction to find and experience new choices in the way you think and move. Common daily actions such as sitting and standing from a chair and walking are often used as your thinking/movement laboratory. During the lesson your specific concerns will be addressed.

How many lessons?

People generally take 10 lessons to gain a sense of how to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique. Some people continue to study for a much longer period of time, for up to several years, in order refine their use to a greater degree.


There are several benefits of taking a group class. Watching others change and hearing experiences of their discoveries are helpful in learning about oneself. Receiving feedback about one’s own changes is invaluable as one learn to refine one’s perceptions. A student can use the time during the group lesson when the focus is not directly on her to continue to work on what she is learning in the class. It is very useful to experiment and play with new concepts in this environment.