I Lost My Sock or Let’s Go To Ballet Class

People often ask me about the balance of the head on the spine and what it looks like. I’m always in search of a good example to share. Many of you may have already seen this video as it has been widely circulated but I think it is worth watching again as an observational exercise.


Notice how the head balances on the spine, and the head leads the body, and the legs move on the back.

As you watch notice how the little boy who is facing away from the camera keeps his head balanced so easily on his spine. You can see how aware he is of the back of his head and how it counterbalances his face.

Observe how they move their legs on their backs. When they pick up their legs it doesn’t disturb the length or width of their backs.

This is a very good example of the head leading and the body following. I noticed this especially when one of the boys squats down and comes back up to his full height with a great amount of ease.

Every time I watch the video I have a whole different idea of what they are saying. It is so amazing how they obviously know what they are talking about! Their attention span is quite amazing.