The Balance Arts Center has moved!

The Balance Arts Center has moved into a larger and more convenient location near Midtown South/Chelsea/Flatiron District!

We've been busy with our winter/spring schedule and finding a new space, packing and then implementing a big buildout!

We had to leave our great space on Fulton St. on May 1 as the building, along with four adjacent buildings, was sold to make way for a big new 50 story high-rise.

After much searching and running around town, we found a fabulous space in Mid-town South just off Broadway on 28th St. (28th is the street with all the flower shops.)

We're already up and running with our full schedule, thanks in part to a wonderful contractor.
Come and visit!

Our new location is:

Balance Arts Center
34 W. 28th St., 3rd floor
NYC, NY 10001

Our new space has 4 beautiful studios.

Two of the larger studios are perfect for groups in the Alexander Technique, yoga, pilates mat, dance therapy, dance class, workshops, acting classes etc.

The two smaler studios are great for individual work in the Alexander Technique, massage, acupuncture, yoga or pilates, voice work individual or small group sessions etc.

Here are the pictures, rental rates and specifications:

Front Studio (26' X 21') $30/hr.

Back Studio (21' and 13' X 37' - The back space is an L-shaped studio with windows on two sides.) $35/hr.

Medium Studio (13' X 13') $20/hr.

Small Studio (13' X 10.5') $15/hr.

If you or someone you know is interested in renting space write to:

or call

More Balance Arts Center news soon!