About Us

The Balance Arts Center is dedicated to teaching mindfulness and awareness in action though the principles and practices of the Alexander Technique. At the Balance Arts Center you can learn the Alexander Technique in group and private settings and apply it to any activity. We educate students in the thoughts and fundamental movement patterns that lead to better balance, posture, coordination, strength, and breathing.

Students learn how to approach both simple and complex movements by increasing awareness of the inherent poise of the body, letting go of habits that get in the way of easeful movement, and integrating the whole body into activity. With both verbal and gentle hands-on guidance, students learn how to release tension and disadvantageous thought patterns, resulting in an experience of greater freedom and coordination.

Classes at the Balance Arts Center are created through the lens of the Alexander Technique. Students can learn about and study the Alexander Technique in many different forms.

The curriculum has been carefully designed to present the Alexander Technique at the highest standard of practice. When applied to specific activities the principles of the Alexander Technique are integrated into the activity in a clear and understandable manner.

To best understand the principles as they apply specifically to you it is suggested students take a minimum of 10 – 12 private lessons.

The Balance Arts Center offers:

• Private Lessons

• Group Lessons

• Group Classes

• On-going Application Classes for specific groups such as singers, dancers, musicians

• Workshops

• Lectures and Panel Discussions

• Conferences

• Training Programs