Movement Learning Center

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a method for learning better dynamic balance and improved functioning of the mind-body as a whole. It teaches students to observe and bring into consciousness their own thought and movement habits.  Then one learns how to make choices that create more ease and freedom in all their functioning.

Students learn to use this method of expanded mindful awareness and focus to enhance their everyday and work activities such as sitting, standing and walking.  They can also learn how to apply the concepts to specific activities in the arts, sports and business. 

People who have stress, headaches, backaches, insomnia and those recovering from injury can benefit from the Alexander Technique. 

Generally the Technique is taught in individual student-teacher lessons where the student is guided to new sensory experiences that help provide expanded possibilities for thinking and moving.  The student is taught how to make these experiences and concepts part of a discovery process they can continue outside the lesson.

Balance Arts Center

The Balance Arts Center is dedicated to teaching mindfulness and awareness in action through the principles and practices of the Alexander Technique. At the Balance Arts Center you can learn the Alexander Technique in group and private settings and apply it to any activity. We educate students using thoughts and fundamental movement patterns that lead to better balance, posture, coordination, strength, and breathing.

Students learn how to approach both simple and complex tasks through increased awareness of how they are approaching and carrying out activities.

With both verbal and gentle hands-on guidance, students learn how to release stress and tension and disadvantageous thought patterns, resulting in an experience of greater freedom and coordination.

The Balance Arts Center also offers a Teacher Training Course in the Alexander Technique approved by the American Society of the Alexander Technique.


Ann Rodiger

Ann Rodiger is the Founder and Director of the Balance Arts Center and the Balance Arts Center Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique and movement for over 35 years in academic and private settings. She also is skilled in Labanotation, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga, meditation, and various dance techniques.

She is a member of the American Society of the Alexander Technique and served on the Board of Directors for 4 years. She is a regular presenter at AmSAT annual conferences and serves on several committees of the Society.

Ann holds a Certification from the Urbana Center in the AT approved by the American Society of Alexander Technique.  She also holds a Masters Degree in Dance and Movement Analysis from The Ohio State University and a Bachelors Degree with Honors from the University of Oregon.


Ann Rodiger is a skilled Alexander teacher. She has taught me how to get out of pain and become more productive in all areas of my life. My whole attitude on life has changed as a result of working with Ann. I am a lot happier, too.
— Jay Foote | New York City